How MP3 File Downloading Systems Help Authors

Sell MP3 Downloads

Are you a new author looking for a way to set yourself and your brand apart from all the others in a highly competitive market? If so, you’re not alone. Everyone is looking for an edge when it comes to independent digital sales, but there’s one area many authors fail to use to their advantage: MP3 file downloading systems and support. Audio books are one of the most popular digital products on the market, and they’re largely ignored by independent authors. You don’t need expensive equipment, large startup investments or specialty sales tools to supplement your eBook product offerings with audio books. All you need is a clear speaking voice, free audio editing software and a strong eCommerce platform.

Why Should I Focus on MP3 File Downloading

One of the primary reasons why new authors skip this potentially lucrative market is the simple perception of labor and difficulty. They assume producing an audio book requires professional voice actors, high-end recording studios and special tools for MP3 file downloading support. The truth is that you don’t need any of those things. If you have a microphone and the ability to read your own work clearly, you’re on the right track to supporting your eBook sales with companion audio books.

Adding audio books to your product catalog doesn’t require anything extra in terms of sales support, and is ideal for authors who have chosen fully independent sales over the restrictive nature of traditional publishing and managed sales through mass marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices. Working with a strong, cost-effective eCommerce platform like gives you access to everything you need to launch and maintain a successful business, MP3 file downloading support tools included.

Choosing an eCommerce Platform with MP3 File Downloading Support

There are key features you should look for when choosing an eCommerce platform, regardless of the products you plan to sell. These include trusted and reliable payment processing through respected names like PayPal and Google Wallet, which should be seamlessly integrated into the sales system. You’ll also need secure file hosting, along with content delivery automation, which ensures your customers never have to wait for access to files they’ve purchased. High-quality service providers make integrating your sales tools into a free blog site or inexpensive DIY template site easy, with simple copy-and-paste HTML code. The best providers will even include valuable marketing tools, like affiliate network access, designed to help you boost the signal for your brand.

Don’t miss out on the valuable opportunity to build your sales potential by including audio books with MP3 file downloading support. With a great product and a strong eCommerce platform, you’re on the road to success from the day you launch your business venture.

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