How MP3 Downloads Can Boost Your eBook Business

Sell MP3 Downloads

Do you want to know the one way you can set your eBook download business apart from the competition? To truly succeed, you must offer high-quality products that your competitors are not offering. For many new authors, the key to success is supplementing eBook sales with audio books distributed via MP3 downloads. While these large files can be difficult to host and share efficiently, there is a way to streamline your entire business model. Choosing the right tools and services allows you to build an effective business which meets both your needs and those of your customers, all with little overhead and minimal startup funding.

The Appeal of MP3 Downloads as Audio Books

For many, listening to audio books is the best option. Whether they have a long drive, are looking to hear a great story while doing household chores or have difficulty reading, audio books offer a great solution. Distributed as MP3 downloads, they can also be easy to purchase and obtain.

Selling MP3 downloads doesn’t have to mean special infrastructure, either. With a dedicated eCommerce platform, managing the sale and delivery of even very large files is simple. Services like combine every feature you need for online sales, making it easy to streamline your entire business. Payments are processed through systems both you and your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Files are hosted securely, regardless of size, and automatically delivered to your buyers. This means you never have to worry about a missed sales alert or order fulfillment delays. For authors with limited startup funding, these systems also make online business ownership accessible. Rather than investing hundreds or even thousands into a custom website complete with high-end sales systems, you can rely upon your eCommerce platform to do the heavy lifting. Simple HTML code can be copied and pasted, allowing you to customize free blog sites or inexpensive template sites rather than hiring a web designer.

Marketing eBook and MP3 Downloads

Prepaid advertising, like banner ads and sponsored social media posts, cost money. Unfortunately, they also require a substantial risk. There’s absolutely no guarantee your target audience will even glance at your ads; they may very well scroll right past them. Whether they pay attention or ignore them, you’ll still have to pay for those ads up front.

High-end eCommerce platforms will include access to valuable marketing tools, including affiliate networks, which require no upfront investment and no risk. You pay for marketing only when it works by sharing a small portion of the proceeds from each sale generated by an affiliate with that affiliate. Your affiliates have a built-in incentive to promote your products, and you’re guaranteed to only pay for marketing when it’s effective. Get started today, and corner the eBook, audio book and MP3 downloads market. With a bit of luck and hard work, you could be the next online self-publishing success story.

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