How Legal Professionals Can Sell Digital Goods

Sell Your Documents Online

Anyone who is a legal professional knows how much their advice is worth – they spent years getting an expensive education. They also get hounded by friends and family for free legal advice. But that advice and legal knowledge is worth money, so why not make money while offering others an inexpensive way to get the legal knowledge they need? Here is how legal professionals can sell digital goods and make extra money for sharing their legal knowledge.

Legal Products that can be Sold as Digital Goods

So how can legal professionals sell digital goods? There are plenty of ways to package legal products digitally and there is a high demand for legal products and advice. Legal issues can be very expensive, whether a person needs to file for divorce, create a will or needs legal advice for a lawsuit. However, legal professionals can offer their expertise and knowledge to help those needing these types of services. Here are some legal items that can be sold as digital goods online:

  • Legal documents. Standard forms and templates can be used for many legal matters, from wills to rental agreements. Legal professionals can create templates and sell the documents as digital downloads from their own website or through a digital goods store.
  • Legal eBooks. A great way for legal professionals to offer advice on general subjects is in the form of an eBook. These can be shorter how-to type books that give general legal advice on different subjects like creating a will, filing for divorce, bankruptcy laws and other common legal issues.

Selling Digital Goods Online

Anyone who is a legal professional can enhance their income by selling legal digital goods. The easiest way to get started is by using an eCommerce service that can manage the payment process, digital download delivery and marketing for the products. Services like are a great option for busy legal professionals since they offer a digital store to sell the legal digital goods, plus provide a turn-key marketing and sales process. All legal professionals need to do is provide the digital products and pay a small fee for the service.

Many people need legal services yet can’t afford to seek the advice of a professional. By providing legal products in the form of digital goods, legal professionals can offer a valuable service while still capitalizing on their very prized knowledge and advice.

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