How Legal and Business Professionals Can Sell Digital Goods


Do you dream of starting your own online business, but think that only creative professionals are capable of earning money by selling digital goods? While music, ebooks and other creative products are very popular in the online sales industry, they’re far from the only options available to aspiring marketers. In fact, one of the most commonly sought-out files of any other type of digital goods on the Internet today is a Last Will and Testament template. Business and legal professionals are uniquely positioned to earn money online by selling digital goods and cashing in on their knowledge base.

How to Sell Digital Goods: Business Edition

You have the skills necessary to draft all kinds of business and legal document templates; why aren’t you putting those skills to work for you? As a professional with experience in your field, you’re able to create a unique and potentially lucrative web store.

Customers who can’t afford to retain and pay a high-powered attorney, for instance, still find themselves in need of simple legal documents. By offering templates and instructions at a reasonable price, you’re able to meet this need while boosting your earning potential.

What You Need to Start Selling Digital Goods

Even if your business model is unique. you’ll have the same basic needs as any other merchant: providing safe payment processing options and instant download delivery for your customers while gaining access to valuable seller tools and secure file hosting for yourself. The best and most effective way of securing all of these services and streamlining your business is to do so through a dedicated ecommerce platform, like

A dedicated ecommerce platform seamlessly integrates payment processing through trusted sources, like PayPal and Google Wallet. File hosting is secure, and your customers will always have instant access to the files they’ve purchased. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing participation, and the control of managing your own web store with none of the maintenance requirements.

Don’t miss out on the chance to cash in on your hard-earned knowledge; creative types aren’t the only ones with online earning potential through digital goods. Get your web store up and running, and you may be surprised by how quickly you start turning a healthy profit.


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