How Free Streaming Sites Help You Sell Videos

Sell Video Online

The world has undeniably entered the age of the viral video, and selling videos online can be a very lucrative business venture. While there is a great demand for high-quality video content, there’s also a relatively low barrier to entry. All you need is a camera and an Internet connection to start making files available for sale, which means there’s a substantial amount of low-quality content to be found. Today’s consumer is looking for informative or entertaining content, but they’re a bit more cautious about making purchases sight-unseen.

Sell Videos: Give Away a Free Preview

When you purchase physical goods online, you want to see pictures and item descriptions before you hand over your payment information. Your customers are no exception. Those who may be interested in your product want to see exactly what you’re offering before they make a purchase. This is where free streaming sites like YouTube come in handy. These wildly popular web destinations not only allow your customers to preview your work, but also help you to generate interest and build your customer base by reaching new audiences. Every link to one of your videos which is shared through someone’s social media account has the potential to provide you with hundreds of new views, increasing your marketing reach and your sphere of influence.

Uploading the first video in a series to free streaming sites, for instance, can help you capture viewers’ interest, making them more likely to purchase subsequent offerings in the series. This also gives you and your marketing partners an easy-to-utilize tool for promotion, since the URL will direct to a trusted streaming site and potential viewers are less likely to be concerned about the safety of clicking on the link. Sites like YouTube also allow you to embed a link to your web store in the “about” section of each video, essentially turning your free offerings into sales portals.

The Key to Selling Videos

Once you’ve managed to get the word out about your product, the key to online sales success is an effective, reliable and easily operated sales system. In the earlier days of Internet-based sales, this meant working with web designers to build a site which allowed for not only marketing and advertising, but also manual payment processing and content hosting. These slightly antiquated systems are still in use, but the most popular and effective sales solution among small business owners today is working with a trusted ecommerce platform like

By streamlining content hosting, automated order fulfillment, payment processing and affiliate network access, a strong ecommerce platform allows you to make better use of your time and energy while ensuring a better purchasing experience for your customers. You’ll be able to focus more on new content and less on sales system management, building your business more effectively and increasing your video selling power.

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