How Do I Successfully Sell My Software?

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If you’ve taken the time and expended the energy to create and design your own software program, you’re probably wondering, “How can I sell my software?” The answer lies within your own personal preferences and dedication to success. Starting an online business begins with a single product: a high-quality program. It should perform as promised to help even new designers establish a solid reputation. After you have a finished product, the success of your venture depends on the scope of your marketing and the level of customer service you offer. 

Where should I sell my software?

You’re essentially faced with three choices of where to sell your completed program: You can set up a website, operate within an e-commerce solution service like, or customize a mixture of the two. Selling your software solely through a website allows you to control every aspect of your customers’ sales experience and the branding and image creation surrounding your business. You can build name recognition with a memorable URL and design a site that reflects your brand perfectly. Taking this route requires you to purchase payment processing and online shopping cart software along with other e-commerce programs. All that can be pricey. You’ll also need to find hosting and work out a reliable system of delivering purchased content to your customers after a transaction is completed. If you use a service like to create your marketplace, you don’t need to purchase e-commerce software or find an effective method of delivering content to your customers. When your software is purchased through, buyers can instantly access their new programs through automatic delivery systems. Blending the two options by building a website that directs customers to your store from the sales page can give you the best that both options have to offer.

Who should I sell my software to?

When you’re setting up your online store, ask yourself, “Who do I want to sell my software to?” Understanding your target audience and the unique needs of a niche market are two of your most valuable weapons in the world of online software sales. By figuring out who is most likely to buy your software and what they’ll be using it for, you can tailor your marketing approach to target them directly.

Who can help me sell my software?

No matter how well your program works or how much it delivers, it will not sell if people aren’t aware of it. That’s how affiliate marketing programs sponsored by services like can come in handy. In addition to your own promotional efforts, you can access entire groups outside the scope of your own reach by sharing a portion of the profits from sales generated by affiliate marketing partners. Combining your efforts with affiliates provides a promotional push that could put you on the map as an independent developer.

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