How Do Graphic Artists Sell Images Online?

Electronic Selling

Graphic artists are in high demand to create digital images that can be used for websites, digital marketing and many other uses. While some businesses hire graphic artists to create customized digital art for their marketing, this can be expensive. Another way that graphic artists can make money is to create images that can be sold over and over again in the form of digital or clip art. Keep reading to learn how graphic artists can sell images online to make extra money for their business.

Creating Images to Sell Online

So what type of images can be created by graphic designers to sell online? There are almost limitless options for a creative artist. Just like stock photos, images and art can be used for many applications and are needed by almost every business. From designs that are used in logos and signs to designs that could be on a cover of a book or music album, there are many different ways to digital images can be used.

Digital artists already know how to create art; to begin selling them online, they just need to put these images into the right packaging. Most digital images will be in either a jpg or PDF file that can easily be sold online and delivered as a digital download. Once the graphic artist has an inventory of digital products, they can begin to sell images online.

Selling Images Online

Although graphic artists may be fantastic at their craft that does not make them savvy at selling their products online. To get the right exposure and audience, these images need to be showcased in a digital storefront where those looking for digital downloads shop. Ideally, these images will be available through a well-marketed website known for quality images with a secure payment and digital delivery process like

Services like are the graphic designer’s best friend when it comes time to sell images online. This type of service is affordable with all the features needed to sell their digital art to businesses, digital marketing agencies and anyone looking to purchase digital images. They have a digital e-store, marketing, payment processing and automatic delivery as part of their service, making it simple for graphic designers to begin making money right away selling images online.

For anyone who is a graphic designer, there is a large market and need for creative digital images that can be bought online. It is a great way for any graphic designer to make extra money doing what they love, right from their own computer.

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