How Diversification Helps You Sell Downloads

Digital Goods

The Internet connects merchants with a global audience of potential customers, and helps many entrepreneurs with limited start-up capital to build their own businesses without the need for heavily involved investors or expensive small business loans. Still, only dedicated and reasonably knowledgeable sellers will be able to sell downloads on a large scale for substantial success. Strategic marketing is a vital part of long-term sales success, and diversification may be the key for many sellers.

Diversifying Your Business Plan to Sell Downloads Online

Unlike brick and mortar retail stores, the Internet doesn’t present inherent limitations on the size of your customer base. Instead of being able to sell only to customers within a reasonable distance of your retail store, you can reach a buyer in Beijing as easily as one in Manhattan. While the possibilities are almost endless, you’ll need to be prepared to reach your clients in variety of ways, and to cater to the largest possible section of your target demographic to sell online with any degree of success.

Offering your products in a variety of formats is one of the quickest and most effective methods of diversifying your catalog. Software designers should aim for offering their programs to not only PC and Mac users, but also those who use open-source programs like Linux. Ebook authors hoping to sell downloads online should make sure they’re reaching the greatest possible audience by formatting their ebooks in a wide variety of formats, aiming for compatibility with a diverse range of devices and native file formats. Remember that not all of your customers will use your product in the same way, or fit into the same one-size-fits-all mold.

Sell Downloads to a Greater Audience

Just as you’ll want to offer your products in several different file formats, you’ll also want to reach as many customers as possible by thinking outside of the proprietary marketplace box. You can sell downloads to ebook lovers exclusively through the Kindle store or music through iTunes, but you’ll only be able to reach customers who use those platforms heavily.

Instead, consider diversifying your client base by building your own neutral marketplace through a reputable ecommerce provider like You’ll be able to market your products to users around the world, even those who may not have access to other marketplaces. Because your web store won’t be tied to a proprietary device, you’ll also be able to offer your products to users who will be able to customize their own experience.

By broadening your audience reach, you can sell downloads with greater success, earn greater profits and build a thriving online business.


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