How Digital Scrapbookers Can Make Money Online

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Scrapbooking is a fun and rewarding way of preserving memories, but creating physical books can also require a lot of space for storing tools and materials. The popularity of scrapbooking and the need for greater organization has given rise to the art of digital scrapbooking, which requires little more than a computer, a printer and the right digital tools. The explosive popularity of digital scrapbooking provides tech-savvy enthusiasts with a great opportunity to make money online, one that some digital scrapbookers are capitalizing in a big, profitable way.

There are many products digital scrapbookers can sell in order to make money online, from software to graphic elements. Here are just a few of the digital products you can use to start your own booming craft business on the Internet, designing your way to digital fame and fortune.

  • Quick Page Layouts – While some digital scrappers love the process of creating intricate, personalized layouts, others want the ease of quick layouts. This is where template layouts come in handy, and can prove to be a popular seller. Simply create a themed layout, leaving space for the buyer to add their own photos and journaling tags.
  • Elements – Every digital scrapbooking page needs a theme, and digital elements offer a beautiful way of adding just the right touches to any page.
  • Fonts – Journaling and accent text gives each page its personalized flair. With the right font, this crucial text can perfectly complement the overall theme and design. Creating fonts doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think, and can be a great way to make money online by selling digital scrapbooking products.
  • Paper Packs – Every layout needs a background. While they’re called “paper packs,” digital scrapbook packs are actually just images used to create this background.
  • Full Packs – Comprised of background papers, elements, fonts and a quick layout page or two, full packs allow digital scrapbookers to create a cohesive design with coordinating elements.

How to Sell Digital Scrapbooking Products

To make money online by the digital scrapbooking products you’ve created, you need to devise a business plan. Marketing, product delivery and payment processing are all crucial aspects of any online business, so it’s always wise to have a plan for each in place before launching your product line.

  • Marketing – To sell digital scrapbooking products, you have to make your target audience aware of them. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are valuable tools, but its also important to become part of the community. Join forums and social media pages. Start a blog, and update it regularly to keep your customers informed. You may also want to consider affiliate marketing programs, which help you outsource some of the promotional efforts.
  • Product Delivery – One of the most attractive features of digital products is the ability to obtain a download link immediately upon purchase. This is where content delivery service like are so important. Instead of constantly monitoring your sales alerts in order to ensure timely delivery, you can rest assured your customers are receiving the products they’ve purchased instantly.
  • Payment Processing – Look for content delivery services with built-in support for trusted payment processing solutions like PayPal or Google Wallet. Because these solutions do not reveal credit card information, customers are able to make purchases with confidence and security.


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