How Crafters Can Make Money Online

Sell Digital Scrapbooks

Crafting can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby, but it can also be an expensive one. What if you could make money from doing the things you love in your spare time? From scrapbooking to knitting and everything in between, there’s a worldwide community of crafting enthusiasts around the globe, each of them looking for new ideas and better techniques. With a bit of work and know-how, you can make money online with the skills you’ve learned as a crafter. These are just a few of the ways crafters can sell their wares and make money online through the sale of digital files.

  • Provide Scrapbooking Materials – Whether they’re printable frames and embellishments for paper scrapbooks, quick pages or graphic elements for digital scrapbooking, these materials are among the best sellers on the Internet.
  • Sell Knitting Patterns – While most people can learn to knit, not everyone is capable of designing their own patterns. Selling knitting patterns online is a booming business, and can be quite profitable.
  • Write Instructional Ebooks – For every new technique, there’s someone out there who’s dying to try it but isn’t sure where to start. Whether you release on a project-by-project basis or offer all of your how-tos in one volume, instructional ebooks are a great way to profit off of your hobbies.
  • Release Instructional Videos – When it comes to crafting, some things need to be demonstrated, rather than written about. With a digital camera and the willingness to appear on screen, you can make money online by selling your instructional videos for crafters.
  • Design Quilting Patterns – Quilting patterns are an expanding market, with demand continuing to increase. Reach this market by selling your original patterns online.

How to Sell Tools for Crafters Online

In order to make a profit from selling your crafting patterns, instructions or materials, you’ll need to have a strong sales plan in place. You can integrate shopping carts and payment processing buttons into your personal website, but this will require constant monitoring of sales alerts to ensure your clients are receiving their files in a timely manner. The best alternative is a content delivery and payment processing service like, which automatically fills orders. Your customers receive immediate access to the files they’ve purchased, and are able to pay through major processors like PayPal and Google Wallet.

As a crafter, you already have an understanding of your target audience’s needs, and are uniquely placed to fill them. All you need is to generate your digital products, set up your content delivery options and start promoting. Before you know it, you’ll have content and an audience, which will allow you to successfully make money online.


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