How Choosing to Sell Audio Books Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Where To Sell Books

Audio book sales is a booming industry for online merchants, and it may not be as difficult to break into this particular business as you might think. Whether you’re a voice actor looking for ways to generate residual income or a self-published author eager to expand your product catalog, with a simple audio editing program and the right sales support, you can start earning a profit through selling audio books online.

Who Can Sell Audio Books?

If you legally own the rights to content you’ve created or licensed, you can produce audio book files to sell online. It’s also possible to record works which have fallen into the public domain. What this means for prospective online merchants is that anyone has the potential to earn money through audio book sales.

Unlike some digital product offerings, starting to sell audio books doesn’t necessarily require a large up-front investment. In fact, it’s possible to find low-cost or even free audio editing programs to get started. You should invest in a microphone of reasonable quality for better sound, and you may need to purchase in advance the rights to content you don’t own or isn’t in the public domain, depending upon the agreement you have with the rightsholder.

Audio Book Sales Tools and Services You Need

After you’ve created and polished your content into a marketable product, it’s time to start building your online marketplace. This is where many would-be merchants become distracted, as they realize the cost of having a professional website capable of processing sales built. What many don’t realize is that these fully independent sites aren’t strictly necessary. In fact, it’s more efficient and less time-consuming to select dedicated tools and services designed to help you offload the tedious and labor-intensive tasks related to payment processing, file hosting and order fulfillment. Ecommerce platforms like bundle payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet with secure file hosting and automated content delivery, streamlining the sales process and taking it out of your hands completely. This leaves you more time to focus on marketing and promotions, along with new content creation and product launches.

Before you invest thousands of dollars into a professional site or, worse, pass on the prospect of starting your audio book sales business altogether, consider the many alternatives to the self-contained website model. With the right tools and services at your disposal, you can start your business with lower overhead and a smaller start-up investment fund, making your business venture profitable much earlier.


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