How Can I Sell My Books Without a Publisher?

How to Sell Books

“How should I sell my books?” In today’s publishing climate, this is one of the most common questions of new and aspiring authors. You’ve finished your manuscript and are ready to get your career off the ground. What steps should you take to make sure you’re off to a strong start? Self-publishing can be one of the most lucrative and rewarding options, but it’s important to optimize your sales system for the most effective results. Make sure you know the ins and outs of independent sales before launching your author brand.

Shouldn’t a Publisher Sell My Books?

Not so long ago, self-publishing was a very expensive and difficult process requiring a massive investment of time, money and energy. By far, the most preferred option was working with a traditional publisher to release books. With the advent of eReader devices and dedicated reading apps, however, the face of the publishing industry has changed dramatically. Now, self-publishing is easier and more financially feasible than ever before. Not only do you not need a publisher or literary agent; you can actually make more money and retain more control by working independently.

When you enter into a traditional publishing contract, you agree to hand over the bulk of your earnings and control in exchange for marketing, retail placement and polishing. You will almost certainly earn only pennies on the dollar from each sale, with substantial portions of your earnings diverted to agents, the publisher and offsetting marketing or editing costs. You may sacrifice creative control at the behest of an editor or publisher, and will not have reprinting rights for quite some time, if ever. For some authors, this exchange is acceptable. For those who wish to stay in the driver’s seat of their career, however, the loss of control is untenable.

How Can I Sell My Books Myself?

Placement in eReader device proprietary marketplaces can help you establish strong sales from the outset, but it’s of vital importance that you choose non-exclusive placement agreements. Plans which allow you to keep the lion’s share of your earnings may seem attractive at first blush, but they will almost always be accompanied by exclusivity contracts and force you to surrender control over pricing. Non-exclusive arrangements leave you earning less from each sale, but can help you to establish your name and brand.

Running your own web store is the best way to establish yourself as a legitimate author. With a free blog site and the support of a strong eCommerce platform, you’re ready to earn money and build your brand without a large startup investment. With almost no overhead and limited starting capital, you have the potential to become the next self-publishing success story. High-quality eCommerce services like do almost all the work for you, from payment processing and file hosting to automated content delivery an affiliate marketing access. Don’t sit around wondering, “how do I sell my books?” Get your own web store started today, and begin a rewarding, fulfilling career tomorrow.

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