How Bloggers Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank and Beyond


Have you ever wondered how thousands of bloggers just like you manage to earn money for doing exactly what you’re doing? Not just from advertising revenue, either; real profits. You may not be surprised to learn that many are involved in affiliate marketing. Clickbank is a popular service, and many people trying to make their own mark on the Internet have at least heard the name. What many bloggers don’t know is exactly how affiliate marketing works, or that Clickbank isn’t the only game in town. When you think beyond the scope of a single service and learn more about affiliate networks as a concept, you’re better able to position yourself among those bloggers who are earning a living by updating their sites.

What is Clickbank?

Essentially, Clickbank is one of the largest and most recognizable affiliate networks online. This service, and others like it, connect the sellers of digital goods with bloggers who have established their own following to create a symbiotic sales relationship. Bloggers promote products they choose and are proud to represent. In turn, they earn a portion of the proceeds for each sale they generate among their followers. As a blogger, you position yourself as an ambassador for a chosen brand. You encourage your readers to buy those goods, and you get paid every time they follow through with a purchase.

Why it Pays to Think Beyond Clickbank

Clickbank may be one of the biggest names in the business, but they’re far from the only option. In fact, many bloggers find they’re able to maximize their earning potential when they diversify their efforts. One unexpected source of affiliate income can be high-quality ecommerce platforms. Services like include access to such networks as a perk for sellers, giving bloggers the opportunity to earn real money through affiliate marketing. Clickbank can only connect you with so many products and brands; looking beyond the obvious helps you discover innovative products while widening the scope of your reach.

Don’t let your efforts to earn money blogging turn into a burden. Check out the affiliate networks offered by trusted ecommerce platforms, and start getting paid with every new blog post.

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