How Audio Books Can Help You Sell Ebooks

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You’re an independent author with big dreams of becoming the next big self-publishing success story, but where to start? If you’re like many new authors, just figuring out how to establish your brand can be confusing. Fortunately, there’s one incredibly valuable tool that’s currently being underestimated by many of your competitors: audio books.

Why Audio Books are an Effective Tool for Selling Ebooks

At first blush, it can seem counterproductive to say that one form of your product can encourage sales of another. Scratch the surface, though, and you’ll see that audio books sell ebooks because they’re natural companions. This especially holds true for busy consumers who may not have time to sit down with an eReader device for long stretches, but have plenty of commute or work time during which their hands are occupied but their minds are wandering. Workouts, long drives and even household chores all require both hands, and can be absolutely mind-numbing if there’s nothing interesting to listen to or watch. When your readers are deeply engrossed in your story, give them the chance to take it with them by offering companion audio books as a bundle. When these products are separated into easy-to-navigate chapters, your readers can easily find their place and continue the adventure without the need to hold an eReader device in their hands.

How to Sell Ebooks and Audio Books

Whether you plan to offer them as a product bundle or stand alone downloads, audio books can absolutely help you to sell ebooks. Knowing this, it’s time to get your web store off the ground. This is where a vast number of self-published authors fail, because they invest far too much time and money into a professionally-built website capable of more than they need that’s too cumbersome to maintain on a daily basis. Instead of spending your money on a superfluous website, invest in professional editing so you can sell ebooks that are a more polished final product. Then, choose an ecommerce platform service that streamlines all of your daily needs, so you can focus on new material. Services like seamlessly combine payment processing through trusted sources, like PayPal and Google Wallet, with automated instant download delivery, secure file hosting and central marketplace listings. High-quality services will also include access to valuable marketing and seller tools, like affiliate networks.

Don’t join the ranks of self-published authors who ignore the opportunity to boost earnings and build their brands through audio books. By tapping into an under-served market and offering a sought-after product too many of your competitors neglect, you can establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with among independent authors, selling ebooks at an unprecedented rate while boosting the bottom line through the sale of audio books.


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