How a Personal Website Helps You Sell Digital Goods

Sell Your Digital Items

You’ve decided to start selling digital goods online, which means that now you need to learn the finer points of marketing and content distribution. After you’ve developed the content you’re planning to sell and have refined your products, it’s time to focus on the tools you need to promote your digital goods and facilitate their sale. One of those tools is a personal website, which can help you to generate streams of revenue and successfully sell digital goods. All you need is a memorable URL and a few site elements.

Elements to Include On Your Personal Website

Using your website to make money and sell digital goods will require you to incorporate a few key elements for optimal results.

  • Blog – Your blog serves as a platform for updating your followers, keeping them in the loop about new products. Through comments sections, you can also interact directly with potential clients.
  • Product Page – Before a prospective customer becomes a purchaser, they’ll want to learn more about the products you offer. This page gives you a space to provide details and in-depth information about each product.
  • Sales Page – To sell digital goods through your website, you’ll need to include a sales page. For merchants who aren’t comfortable integrating an online shopping cart and payment processing tools into their personal website, this can be a landing page which redirects to a great content delivery service.

Use a Content Delivery Service to Sell Digital Goods

Even though your website will serve as the central hub of operations, you don’t have process payments or content delivery directly through the site. You always have the option of choosing to do so, but it will require you to constantly monitor your sales alerts to ensure prompt delivery whenever you sell digital goods. Instead, consider using a content delivery service like to handle payment processing and download access. You can integrate these e-commerce solutions into your personal website, so buyers are able to make their purchases without searching through a vast marketplace.

Remember, your website should be uncluttered and easy to navigate when you use it to sell digital goods. Presenting a professional image is an important aspect of marketing and promotion, which are the keys to online sales success.


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