Help Your Ebook Sell: Marketing to Your Target Audience

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Have you ever looked at the sheer number of successful self-published authors online and wondered about the key to their success? While everyone has their own system, there’s one tactic with the potential to help you sell ebooks and build a strong business: targeted marketing.

What is Targeting Marketing, and How Does it Sell Ebooks?

If you’re a non-fiction writer who specializes in how-to manuals, would you spend time and money marketing your product to the romance novel community? Of course you wouldn’t! You’d seek out a community of people likely to have an interest in your ebook, and you’d direct your attention to them. In essence, this is a targeted marketing plan.

There are a host of different options for marketing, from prepaid plans with varying success rates to pay-per-sale systems, like affiliate marketing networks. Whatever you choose, it’s important to make sure it’s designed around the idea of actively seeking out your target demographic. There’s no point in wasting time or money to advertise your historical fiction novel to audiences looking for technical manuals.

Selling Ebooks – Building an Online Marketplace

Just as it’s crucial to build a marketing plan which actively targets the audience most likely to purchase your products, it’s equally vital to build your business plan around reliable sales systems and marketplace options. You don’t want to damage your brand reputation by attempting to manually mail out links after monitoring sales alerts; today’s customers are too accustomed to instant access. Attempting to process credit card payments yourself is an involved process, and can leave you open to liability if there’s a security breach.

The best course of action for both new and veteran merchants is to sell ebooks with the help of a dedicated ecommerce platform designed to streamline your business. Services like are created with merchants in mind, built to seamlessly combine secure file hosting, automated content delivery and payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet with seller tools that make all the difference in your bottom line. A great ecommerce platform can even be part of a targeted marketing plan, if you choose one that includes access to an affiliate marketing network.

Don’t let your ebook sales suffer from either an ineffective marketing plan or an inefficient sales system. Build a strong business with growth potential by focusing on how you promote, how you market and how you facilitate sales. Your brand name, your bottom line and your future will all be better for the effort.


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