Google Wallet Alternative

Google Wallet Alternative

If you want a Google Wallet alternative for selling digital downloads, you can get one. (But, to use the artist hub on Google, you need to use Google Wallet.) Many people have had problems with the Google Wallet system and don’t want to be tied to it in their business transactions. There are many other ways to sell your downloads without needing to accept Google Wallet.

Use A Digital Delivery Service
Many digital download delivery services on the Web can offer more than Google regarding selling downloads. An ideal service includes everything you need to finish the transaction with customers. When searching for a digital download delivery service, make sure it has certain options:

–       Secure, fast deliveryWhen customers buy your product, they should receive it quickly. You should be able to use the service from any site from which you sell.

–       Shopping cartA shopping cart should be integrated with your payment system so that the whole transaction flows smoothly for the customer. Having an up-selling feature that recommends other products you have is also a bonus.

–       Payment optionsAlthough most merchants use PayPal for their processing, you’ll probably want a digital delivery service that gives you options, unlike Google where you must use its service.

–        Low-cost micro payments—Make sure that you are not getting overcharged for micro payments and that the fee structure includes low fees for purchases that are only a dollar or two.

Digital download services are specifically designed for merchants who sell downloads—period—not just one of many services they offer, like Google. Make sure you’re linked with a professional company that can help promote and grow your online download business.

Google has a great concept, but Google Wallet alternative payment methods are available. Until Google Wallet can work well on all smartphones and until Google finds a way to integrate PayPal, it’s just too limited. Using a digital delivery service that gives your customers options of paying with credit cards, ACH, e-checks and PayPal is a better choice.

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