Getting Started: Sell Digital Goods Online

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The Internet has revolutionized not only the way people learn and interact with one another, but also the way they shop and purchase new products. For those with the know-how, selling digital goods online can be a lucrative and personally rewarding business venture. Though there are thousands of online merchants whose goods can be found online, there’s still room for more innovation, more new products and more digital goods. Learning how to find your own place in an industry that’s still changing and still growing doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be as simple as examining your own purchasing habits and personal abilities.

What Do I Need to Sell Digital Goods?

First and most importantly, you need products. Many online merchants sell digital goods they’ve designed and created themselves to avoid any potential legal snags, but it’s also possible to obtain licensing for the resale or products created by others. To do so, you’ll need to reach individual agreements with content creators detailing how you’re allowed to redistribute their products, and the terms for their financial compensation.

If you choose to instead sell products which you’ve personally created and to which you hold exclusive rights, you’ll need to balance your abilities against an existing market. If you’re a software developer, you’ll need to create an innovative program which offers your customers something they can’t find in other products, for instance. Wherever your passions and talents lie, you’ll need to think of product which fills existing gaps in the market while bringing something new and exciting to the proverbial table.

Opening Your Digital Goods Store

When you’ve settled upon a product niche and have started creating digital goods, you’ll then need to start focusing on your web store. There are certain tools or services which are necessary for the completion of a smooth and secure transaction, each step of the way.

Payment processing is a vital aspect of any online business. You can’t make money from your digital goods if your customers can’t pay for them, and accepting credit card numbers directly can present a security risk. It’s best to accept payments through trusted and secure services like PayPal and Google Wallet. You’ll also need to work out a system for order fulfillment and content delivery. Today’s online customer is accustomed to obtaining their digital products immediately upon payment, and any lag in delivery can result in poor customer service feedback.

The best solution for most merchants of digital goods is a comprehensive ecommerce platform like, which consolidates payment processing, file hosting and content delivery under one umbrella while also offering you access to important seller tools like affiliate marketing networks. Working with the right service providers and availing yourself of the most effective tools can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business, so make sure you choose a system which covers all of the most important bases when starting your business to sell digital goods.


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