Getting Started in Ecommerce: Why a Digital Shopping Cart Matters

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The Internet provides digital product creators with the opportunity to profit from their efforts, but even the strongest content can perform poorly without the right support. Digital shopping carts and reliable ecommerce platforms can make or break your fledgling business, regardless of how high quality your products themselves may be. While a perfect business plan and great shopping carts aren’t likely to drive sales for poor products, a poor content delivery and payment processing system can dramatically damage the bottom lines of online merchants with stellar digial content. To turn your digital products into a truly profitable venture, you should invest some time into learning more about the best ways of facilitating a sale.

What is a Digital Shopping Cart?

Anyone who has ever shopped online has encountered the shopping cart icon or the “add to cart” feature, but you may not know exactly how or why it helps to foster strong sales.

A digital shopping cart can be a cumbersome aspect of building your personal website, or it can be seamlessly integrated by working with an ecommerce solution which supports a variety of platforms. With a digital shopping cart in place, you can benefit in several important ways.

  • Safety for Your Customers – Worries about identity theft can cause some online buyers to shy away from making a purchase, especially if they’ll be forced to complete a separate transaction for each product they wish to buy. Shopping cart software creators are regulated by the Payment Card Industry, and held accountable for releasing products which do not meet the industry standards. This provides your customers with an added layer of protection, encouraging them to make a purchase.
  • Security for You – Because validation keys and authorization codes can be distributed appropriately at the time of purchase by high-quality digital shopping cart programs, your products are protected from piracy and theft. These codes can only be used once, which means a single buyer can’t share download links and authorization codes freely to several other users.
  • Encouraging Impulse Purchases – Just as brick-and-mortar retail outlets use strategic positioning to encourage last-minute purchases and impulse buys, so can a digital shopping cart help you encourage. When you offer several attractive products and use strong shopping cart software, your customers can simply add items to their cart before making one final purchase. Some clients may balk at multiple purchases when they each transaction must be completed separately, but they’ll eagerly buy the same products when they’re offered the opportunity to close the deal with one transaction.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

As with any other aspect of your online business, it’s important for you to choose the right tools for the job when it comes to digital shopping carts. Comprehensive ecommerce solutions like allow you to combine a powerful shopping cart, secure payment processing through trusted sources and instant download access with important seller tools like affiliate marketing programs. With one membership, you can ensure a great experience for all of your customers and a greater profit for your brand new online venture.


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