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Do you have a flair for the artistic and creative? If so, you may have the skillset you need in order to become a successful online merchant. Selling crafts, patterns and digital supplies gives you the potential to earn substantial profits while building a lucrative brand. Whether you’re an expert when it comes to creating your own knitting patterns, a digital scrapbooker with the know-how to create element packs or have a talent you’re able to share through information products, there is real earning potential in your favorite hobby. You may be surprised by not only how much money you’re able to earn, but also just how easy it is to get started. Building your business plan around the right services and taking advantage of the right tools for the job doesn’t have to be expensive, laborious or time-consuming. Take some time to explore the options available to you, and you could be up and running in a matter of hours.

Selling Crafts the Easy Way

Unless you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited budget at your disposal, starting up an online business may seem like a pipe dream. After all, a professional sales website alone can cost thousands of dollars. What if you didn’t need an expensive website, complex tools or complicated systems to make your business operate efficiently? Better yet, what if the most efficient and effective tools for the job happened to also be the least expensive?

Dedicated eCommerce platforms are designed with the needs of today’s digital merchants in mind. Because service providers like know their audience, they create systems which make business ownership attainable in the online market. Simple HTML code can be copied and pasted into an inexpensive website you build yourself, or even a free blog site. Your social media profiles also become sales portals, all without any need for a professional site. Seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration means it’s easy to provide your customers with payment processing options they trust, while secure file hosting keeps your products safe. Your customers are granted immediate access to the files they purchase through automated order fulfillment, so you never have to monitor sales alerts to manually share download links. Selling crafts, supplies and how-to materials has never been so easy!

Marketing: the Key to Selling Crafts to a Global Audience

Your goal as a merchant specializing in selling crafts is to reach not just your own extended social network, but customers around the world. A global online audience is available to you, but you must invest in active marketing if you want to reach them. If paying for prepaid advertising, banner ads and sponsored social media posts feels like a gamble, you don’t have to take a risk with a small marketing budget. Built in to the best eCommerce platforms is one of the most effective and low-risk marketing systems available: affiliate networking.

Because your affiliates essentially work on commission, you don’t need a large budget or the willingness to risk what money you have on ads which may or may not result in a sale. You pay for marketing only when it works, so selling crafts to customers far beyond your organic reach is easy. Start exploring your options today, and you could be successfully selling crafts tomorrow!

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