Genre Fiction and Selling Ebooks: The New Frontier

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Breaking into the world of publishing is seldom an easy task for authors who wish to work with large publishing companies. For those who write genre fiction, maintaining some semblance of control over their publishing rights while negotiating a fair royalties agreement with a legacy company can be just as difficult as finding a publisher. Fortunately, the explosive popularity of ereader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading makes it easier than ever for genre fiction authors to protect their own interests.

Understanding the Benefits of Selling Ebooks

For some authors, the allure of finding their books on the shelves of their own library and local book store seems almost irresistible. What many beginners in the industry don’t realize, however, is just how restrictive the average contract can be and how small a percentage of the total profits they will earn from each sale. This is especially true for authors of genre fiction, because many of the legacy imprints operate on a slightly different model.

Genre fiction imprints, like those which specialize in areas like romance or suspense, may purchase novels on a “write for hire” basis, or they may require complex contracts in which authors are expected to sign over a substantial amount of control over publishing rights in exchange for a fraction of the cover price in royalties. This can get physical copies of your book on the shelves, but doesn’t necessarily translate into financial security or creative control.

For this reason, many of today’s genre fiction authors, both emerging and established names, are choosing to take back control over their work by choosing to self-publish and exclusively sell ebooks. While they won’t see physical copies of their books, they can substantially increase their own profit margin while retaining full control over their intellectual property.

How to Sell Ebooks

Learning how to sell ebooks doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. With proper editing and formatting, all you need to start selling ebooks is the right tools to complete the job.

In order to start selling ebooks online successfully, you’ll need to make sure you have a plan in place for payment processing, content delivery and content hosting. It is possible to find solutions which offer each of these services individually, but the most efficient and effective method for the vast majority of authors is to simply work with a comprehensive ecommerce platform which includes all of these vital services, along with access to an affiliate network for extended marketing reach, like

By choosing a total ecommerce solution, you’re able to ensure secure payment and transaction facilitation through trusted services. In addition to protecting your customers’ sensitive financial information, you can also take advantage of automated content delivery which provides them with instant access to files each time you sell ebooks. With a strong business plan in place and the right support services, you can blaze your own trail through the exciting new frontier that is self-publishing.


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