Free Online Shopping Cart Software

Free Online Shopping Cart Software

Selling digital files online is a lucrative venture for many content creators. Whether you write eBooks, create digital art, are a musician with a collection of MP3s or a software designer working on the next big thing, there is an online market for your work. Setting up your marketplace can seem like a daunting task for those with limited to no experience in online sales. Actually, it isn’t as complicated as you might think. There are several methods of streamlining the process and driving up sales numbers, most of which are shockingly simple. One method is the online shopping cart. 

How Can Shopping Cart Software Help to Generate Sales​?

When prospective customers visit a website with a wide array of products available, the ability to add items that strike their fancy to a shopping cart can lead to customers spending more money. The ease of completing a single transaction for several products, instead of a series of individual ones, reduces the chances of second-guessing nonessential purchases. Products stumbled upon as visitors browse can easily be added to their cart, allowing continued shopping. The longer people shop, the more products they’ll see and maybe purchase. When people need to maintain their own list of products, they may complete only the purchase they were intending to make and no more.

How Do I Make an Online Shopping Cart Available to My Customers?

There are a plethora of paid software options on the market, ranging from cheap to expensive. The products, however, perform the same basic function. One of the best ways to include a shopping cart function for use by your customers is to use a content delivery service like because such services tend to have free online shopping cart software built in as a standard part of their operating procedure. Instead of shelling out money for a separate program, take advantage of the included shopping cart option while reaping the benefits of content delivery services to further simplify the sales process. Because limited startup capital is often a consideration for new merchants, cutting costs wherever possible is smart. While there will be some minimal operating costs when you create and maintain an online marketplace, it’s always a good idea to forgo unnecessary expenses. Why spend money for single-purpose service options when you can get a bundled option at comparable or even lower cost?

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