Find Out Where to Sell Books as a New Author

Digital Products To Sell Online

You’ve finished your novel. Now it’s time to decide where to sell books in order to make the greatest possible impact. While most new authors would love to see their work in print, working with a traditional publisher to release physical copies may not be the most lucrative or rewarding option. In most cases, you’ll earn mere pennies from each sale, with the lion’s share of your profits going to publishing companies and literary agents. Fortunately, there’s another option. Choosing to self-publish and release online gives you the freedom to make your own creative and marketing choices, full control over your work and a far greater share of the profits. Once you’ve settled on digital release, though, you’ll still have to decide where to sell books online. With so many options, this can be a daunting choice; fortunately, it’s simple to compare the most popular options in order to make informed decisions about your career as an independent author.

Where to Sell Books Online

There are two primary options available to self-published authors. First is to work with mass eBook retailers connected with popular eReader devices. These systems offer a great deal of convenience through managed sales, but it’s worth taking a closer look before settling for these systems. Since freedom and greater earning power are typically the driving force behind the decision to self-publish, it’s wise to make sure you’re not trading your control and profits for the sake of convenience.

Choosing managed sales grants you access to reliable payment processing and secure file hosting, along with automatic file delivery. The most lucrative plans are generally accompanied by heavy restrictions, however. In order to collect the largest percentage of your profits, for instance, you will typically be required to exclusively sell your books through only that marketplace. You have no further choice regarding where to sell books, meaning you can only reach a portion of your global audience potential. The marketplace will also have full control over setting prices, so you may end up collecting a large percentage of a small cover price. In the end, managing your own web store is almost always a better choice.

How and Where to Sell Books in Your Own Web Store

You don’t need an expensive website with built-in sales tools to sell books online. In fact, you can take reap all the benefits of managed sales in your very own store when you choose the right tools and services. High-end eCommerce services like give you access to reliable payment processing, secure file hosting and automated content delivery. You’ll also be able to expand your marketing reach dramatically by taking advantage of built-in marketing tools, like affiliate network access.

Choosing where to sell books doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Start your journey today, and begin your career as a successful self-published author.

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