Features to Look for in a Content Delivery Service


One of the most important decisions a digital content provider faces when starting their online business is choosing the right content delivery service. Much of your success can be directly attributed to the ease with which your customers are able to make payments and receive their products, so your profit margin can and will be affected by the solution you choose. In order to make the choice most likely to suit your needs as an digital merchant, you’ll need to know which features you should be looking for in an ecommerce solution.

What is a Content Delivery Service?

While ensuring instant access to digital goods upon purchase is the cornerstone of a content delivery service’s business model, high-quality services will include a few other features which you should consider.

  • Payment Processing Services – A great content delivery system will of course provide your customers with immediate access to download links after they’ve made a purchase, but it will also include payment processing capabilities through the most trusted web services. PayPal and Google Wallet are among the most popular payment processors, and provide your clients with an added layer of financial protection.
  • Marketing Tools – The more features and important tools you can consolidate, the better. Streamlining marketing efforts can be as simple as joining an affiliate network connected to your content delivery service, so look for a platform which offers marketing features.
  • Versatility – The more outlets through which you’re able to offer your digital goods, the more you increase your chances of making a sale. This is why it’s crucial to choose a content delivery service which can be integrated into your personal website, social networking sites and other sales outlets along the way.
  • Security – If your digital products are stolen, leaked or pirated, their value can plummet almost immediately. Choosing a secure, protected content delivery service is the best and most effective way of protecting your products, ensuring healthy sales in the future.

A content delivery service like PayLoadz.com includes all of these features and more, making it an ideal choice for both beginning merchants and seasoned online sales veterans.

It’s possible for online merchants to create their own websites, independent payment processing tools and order fulfillment features, but it will require a substantial amount of specialized knowledge, time and effort. A great content delivery service can fill many different ecommerce needs, making it a valuable, time-saving tool for online sellers. Before you take on the enormous task of building your own online store, integrating a secure shopping cart and creating the necessary building tools from scratch, consider the value of your time and energy.

By outsourcing some of the important but mundane details related to order fulfillment and payment processing, you’ll have more time to focus on your next big product and marketing your brand.


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