Features of Google Checkout Alternative

Google Checkout Alternative

Google Checkout is a merchant’s answer for obtaining payments. There’s also the Wallet concept, which is what your customers will use. Wallet allows consumers to use any credit card, debit card or other account they may have in their wallet, but without compromising their data. They just select which account in their wallet they wish to use. The Google Checkout alternative lets you use Google Checkout along with other payment systems. If your customers need to pay with credit cards, ACH transfers, e-checks, PayPal or other existing accounts, they can do so through your website with a PayLoadz.com payment and delivery system. Instead of having just one account like Google Checkout, you have an open pathway to several accounts—all managed with one system. This keeps you from checking multiple accounts because you have one powering it all.

Tracking Orders with Your Merchant Account

Google Checkout alternative has a setup to help you track accounts. The search bar allows you to select any order by using specific terms like order number, financial status, order amount, order creation date and item description. You can track orders that need to be filled or previous orders to see your business history on certain products. It’s also possible to automate the entire process within the merchant center.

How Google Checkout Alternative Works

Processing orders is done in a few steps. You’ll be alerted when there’s an order to be filled when you log into the Google Checkout alternative. You can review the order to ensure the details are properly set up, such as the estimated taxes. Google Checkout alternative automatically authorizes payment once the purchaser confirms payment.

There may be times when a buyer’s payment method has insufficient funds. Your merchant account allows you to contact customers to inform them of any problems. There can be an immediate message depending on the payment account.

The system is set up for automated delivery, so a link appears after the submission page. Customers can click the link to start downloading goods from the secure Google Checkout alternative server. An email will be sent to the customer confirming the payment. It will have a link in case there’s a problem with the download.

Selling Digital Goods Through Google Checkout Alternative

You can sell nearly any type of digital good through the Google Checkout alternative. You can also use Google to market your website with SEO. When you sell with our system, you keep your own site and can start another if you wish. Let our service system host your movie, eBook, music or other digital goods files to sell.

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