Expanding Your Self-Publishing Efforts: Sell Audio Books

Selling Books Online

Self-publishing has grown from a cottage industry to a major power in the world of online sales in a few short years, making way for budding entrepreneurs to cash in on their ingenuity and determination. Whether you’ve already begun self-publishing your books or are just starting to consider the prospect, it’s entirely possible to expand your business dramatically with one new product: audio book downloads.

Why Sell Audio Books?

Long before the ereader revolutionized the publishing industry, audio books were changing the way busy book lovers consumed their favorite tales. Audio books make it possible for readers to listen to new books on their commute or during other daily tasks which aren’t always conducive to actual reading. The reasons for purchasing audio books are as varied as the customers who buy them, yet many self-publishing authors immediately exclude a significant portion of their potential audience by failing to offer them as a product.

Before high-speed Internet made quick downloads of large files a reality, most audio books were distributed in compact disc form. Long novels required several discs, which could easily become scratched or damaged and rendered useless. While there is still something of a market for audio books via physical medium, the purchase of digital files which can be loaded onto an MP3 player or smartphone is increasing dramatically in popularity.

For self-published authors, neglecting this portion of their prospective audience can effectively limit their sales potential. If you’ve self-published ebooks in the past or are considering the release of your long-form written works as an ebook, offering audio books as either a companion or alternative to these products is one of the best ways to reach greater numbers of readers while increasing revenue.

Offering Audio Book Downloads

Unlike ebooks, which are often relatively small in terms of file size, audio books are large files. Even if they’re broken into several smaller files, the collected files will still equal a significant amount of space. For the vast majority of self-publishers and sellers of audio books, file hosting and content delivery becomes a concern. With the right ecommerce platform’s support, though, this pressing situation becomes a non-issue.

Instead of working out a method of emailing large files to buyers and sacrificing the convenience of automated downloads, consider the merits of a dedicated ecommerce solution like PayLoadz.com. These systems combine not only payment processing and content hosting, but also automated content delivery and access to other valuable selling tools. With the support of a strong ecommerce solution and high-quality products, you can expand your self-publishing business into a comprehensive literary distribution business with relative ease.


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