Essential Online Shopping Cart Features

Online Shopping Cart

E-commerce and Online Shopping Cart Features

Your website for digital goods needs to have several features to make it easy for consumers to complete their online shopping. The shopping cart is just part of what your business needs. You need the right features to have the best e-commerce site possible.

Product Images for Better Online Shopping

Anytime you want to sell something online, you need to supply a picture. Images show potential buyers what you sell. They might think they have the right product from the description; however, an image confirms any doubt. Images complete the online shopping experience.

Product Reviews with Online Shopping

Consumers typically don’t choose the first product they come across when online shopping. Instead, they usually read reviews to see what other consumers liked or disliked. offers this opportunity with products sold through their e-store. In terms of music, eBooks, and other digital media, consumers often know what they want, but they still desire a review about the online shopping process, such as how the shopping cart functions for buying products and getting them delivered immediately.

Navigation Should Be Easy for Online Shopping

Consumers want to find products to purchase with ease, so navigating your site should be simple. Have tabs for each digital product you sell instead of placing books and music, for example, on one page. Seeing the shopping cart and what’s in it also needs to be easy. The shopping cart should be on the shopping page as well as being clickable to go to the cart when finished.

Single Page Checkout

Brick-and-mortar consumers look for the shortest line when checking out. In online shopping, this is akin to same-page checkout. For example, say you’re playing a trial of a game and the trial ends. You probably don’t want to lose your place in the game when you decide to download the license. You can achieve this if the online shopping cart appears over the game trial with a payment system such as PayPal. You select “pay with PayPal account,” the payment is submitted, and the license needed to continue appears on the registration bar. You then click “continue” and resume your game.

Search on All Pages

The online shopping cart needs a search tab. Consumers might think they’re done but then decide they want to add something else after seeing the total in the shopping cart. Maybe they need one more purchase to fulfill a discount offer. A search bar is needed on the shopping cart page to do this. Another good idea is to have a secondary section to the online shopping cart, such as an “items interested in” or “items looked at” function.

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