Effectively Sell Books Online

Selling Books Online

You’ve finally finished your manuscript, but what should you do next? After pouring your blood, sweat and tears in to writing your book, it’s time to take a crash course in how to sell books online. For a rapidly growing number of new authors, the answer no longer lies with major publishing deals and expensive literary agents. New authors in the digital age are reclaiming their independence and taking control over their own careers. Read on to find out how you can effectively market, sell and distribute your own eBook on even the tiniest budget.

Popular Online Sales Methods for Self-Published Authors

Just like any other task, online eBook sales require the right tools for the job. For some, this may be as simple as direct publishing through a massive eBook marketplace tied to a popular eReader device. This is a quick and convenient solution, though it doesn’t quite meet the needs of those who are determined to fully call the shots in their career. Collecting the highest percentage of your sales profits will require you, in most cases, to agree to heavy restrictions on price control, distribution and sales through other avenues.

If you’re not interested in giving a big eBook retailer the same level of control you’d give a publisher who actively works to promote and market your books, it might be time to look in another direction. Total sales independence is not only feasible in today’s modern market; it’s potentially more lucrative and less expensive. The key is understanding the tools you need for success, and how to bring them all together into a single, cohesive business plan.

Tools Required to Sell Books Online Successfully

Some things are non-negotiable when it comes to online sales. These include things like trustworthy and reliable payment processing, secure file hosting and the need for outside marketing. Because the modern customer is absolutely not accustomed to waiting on digital goods deliveries, it’s also vital to have some system of order fulfillment in place.

While it’s certainly possible to secure everything you need from several separate service providers, it does create more room for error while limiting efficiency. In the vast majority of cases, working with a dedicated eCommerce platform service is the answer. Systems like PayLoadz.com seamlessly integrate PayPal and Google Wallet, while also providing the secure file hosting and automated download delivery you need for success. Choose a high-quality system, and you’ll even have access to powerful, effective, zero-risk marketing systems built right into the platform.

Get started today, and find out how you can become an online sales success story.

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