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The advent of portable e-readers and smartphone apps dedicated to reading on the go has created a booming market for eBooks that happen to be easy for a tech-savvy author to create. Rather than relying on the traditional publishing business, which can be difficult for new authors to break into, or self-publishing a traditional bound book, which can be prohibitively expensive, creating and marketing your work through web-based eBook selling software that integrates seamlessly with your personal website might be just the solution you’re looking for.

Successful EBook Selling

The success or failure of your eBook rests almost as much on your marketing plan and ease of purchase as the quality of your content. You probably wouldn’t offer mediocre or subpar content, even if your promotional blitz is perfect and your website is beautiful and functional. Then neither should you have a masterpiece on your hands if you can’t move copies. Successfully selling many copies requires a significant investment of time and energy, but the revenue stream that can be generated is well worth the effort.

  • Maintain Your Website – If you promote yourself and work out a comprehensive marketing campaign, your website should get more traffic than ever before. To keep those visitors coming back and your eBook selling, ensure that it’s regularly updated and well maintained. Courting return visitors creates a built-in audience for your next eBook release, so don’t neglect visitors between releases.
  • Choose Your Delivery and Sales Method – A high-quality delivery content service like PayLoadz.com offers a reputable and reliable platform for your customers to complete transactions. Its web-based eBook selling software makes it easy for you to manage sales, ensure immediate delivery and manage payments through integration with PayPal or Google Checkout. Rather than being tethered to your computer to send out your eBook immediately upon receipt of payment, a good content delivery service streamlines the process and handles delivery for you.
  • Never Pass Up an Opportunity to Promote Your Work – Your eBook cannot reach an audience who isn’t aware of it. Don’t cost yourself sales by passing up opportunities for promotion or marketing. Social networking sites are great tools for promotion; be sure not to overlook them as you market your work.

Keeping your sales and delivery methods as simple as possible frees up time for you to work on new content and perform the many marketing tasks necessary to keep your current eBook selling in the meantime. Delegating as much work as possible to dedicated services is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction, generate even more income from the sale of your work and create a strong reputation for high quality and reliability.

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