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Have you been selling your images to microstock sites for a one-time payment? Selling the distribution rights to your work can be a quick and easy way to earn money, but how much are you losing in the long run? A single digital file can be sold an infinite number of times, which means you could be collecting money with each photo sale. Before you load the next batch of finished work to a microstock image clearinghouse site, take a moment to consider the alternatives available to you.

How Do I Make a Photo Sale On My Own?

The single biggest concern for many independent photographers considering their own web store is infrastructure. Many believe they need not only an expensive, custom-built website featuring all the bells and whistles required to facilitate sales, but also a substantial startup investment fund. The truth is, you can get started with a very small amount of capital. You can even use free blog sites and social media profiles acting as sales portals to cut out the expensive website. Should you decide to have a site built, it’s easy to skip the high-end sales functions in favor of a less expensive, more intuitive system. Choose the right tools and services, and you can get started today.

High-quality eCommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com are designed with today’s modern web merchant in mind. Each photo sale is managed perfectly, automated and streamlined for peak efficiency. You’re able to set up your store and move on, collecting money while focusing on creating new content and building brand visibility.

What You Need to Make a Photo Sale

Whether you’re making your first sale or your fiftieth, there are a few tools and services you’ll need in order to ensure your success. First, payment processing must be easy, secure and reliable. Your customers need to know their sensitive financial information is safe in your hands, and you need to be sure you’re able to collect the proceeds from each photo sale. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are ideally suited to the needs of all involved parties, as they ensure payment processing while protecting buyers from fraud.

Another vital aspect of online sales is content delivery. Your customers expect instant access to the files they’ve purchased, so you can’t rely upon manual sales alert monitoring and order fulfillment. You need a fully automated system of download delivery which makes links available immediately. Because you can’t sell a product people don’t know exists, you also must have some marketing tactics and plans in place. Streamlined and cohesive eCommerce platforms combine all of these crucial tools under one virtual umbrella, making it easier and more efficient than ever to manage your business. Get started today, and make your first independent photo sale. This could be the beginning of a very long and fruitful journey!

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