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Getting set up for e-commerce, PayPal and a digital delivery system are all part of the process for people getting into the online download business. Just like starting any kind of retail business, you need a storefront, a way to accept payment and a method to get your product to your customers. Consider these analogies:

Your Store
If you were opening a brick-and-mortar bookstore, you would have signs and advertising to let people know where you were located, what you would sell and why people should come into your store. The same is true in e-commerce. You need a store or launch site. Many people create their own websites to showcase their digital downloads and then sell on other sites like eBay or other download stores. The more locations you have for your e-commerce business, the better.

Your Cash Register
You need the ability to take payments if you want to sell items. In a store, you would have a cash register and a credit card terminal. For e-commerce businesses, you need only a payment system such as PayPal. Although there are many payment sites, PayPal is the most recognized. Many digital delivery services include taking payment and providing you a shopping cart button for your various storefronts.

Your Delivery Man
Customers take products off the shelf and bring them home, or you deliver purchases to customers in a traditional business. In e-commerce, PayPal takes the payment for you, but you still need to deliver the product fast and securely online. Using a digital delivery service is the best option. Companies like PayLoadz.com specialize in taking the customer transaction out of your hands. They deliver the product to the customer, take the payment through sites like PayPal and directly put the money into your account.

Doing business online is simpler and quicker than having a brick-and-mortar store, and it’s less expensive to get started. Most digital delivery services charge a small monthly and transaction fee, and many give you a storefront on their site, take your payments, deliver your product and sometimes include some marketing as well. You get your e-commerce, PayPal and delivery all in one place. How easy is that?

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