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If you want to sell items via download, free shopping cart applications are available to simplify the process. Many e-commerce sites offer a free shopping cart, but they often come with many limits, which might not support your business. Look closely at what free versions can and cannot do.

Free Shopping Cart Limitations

The reason sites offer a free version of shopping cart software is to get you to eventually use the professional version, which has a fee. The free shopping cart requires you to do much of the involved work yourself. This example, from a random site, lists the differences between the pay and the free versions:

  • Separate back end administration is available for the professional version, which is not so with the free version.
  • If there are different providers on a site, the free version gives all orders in one batch. Paid applications separate them per provider. Customer invoicing is also different.
  • Shipping preferences can be varied by provider in the pro version versus having just one option through the free version.

Although you can buy the pro version to make sure you have everything you need, it might be easier and less expensive to find a service that incorporates the shopping cart with other services you need as well, like digital delivery.

Digital Delivery Services

You can get payment processing, digital delivery of your download, free shopping cart access and marketing built into one service. Services such as offer systems specifically designed for the digital download business owner. You can use your shopping cart, payment system and delivery on as many different sites as you want, all by using one easy service. Most of these sites charge only a small monthly maintenance fee and small per-transaction fees.

Consider all options when setting up your digital download business. Free always sounds good, but it can come at a hefty price when it comes to time. Getting a digital delivery service that integrates all your customer transactions into an easy-to-manage process is the way to go for most people.


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