Do You Design Software? Sell it Online

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If you’ve been giving away the software you design for free on the Internet, it may be time to rethink your methods. With the right tools and services, it’s never been easier to make a name for yourself with branded software. Sell to niche audiences or the general public, targeting your audience to generate real profits for your efforts. Dedicated digital sales platforms make it easy to get started on even the smallest budget, too, so lack of investment funding doesn’t have to be a barrier to entry. You don’t have to be an expert in online sales systems, either; a single platform can manage the vast majority of sales-related tasks automatically. Learn how you can stop giving your software away for free and start turning your skills into a source of income using easy, stress-free tools designed to completely facilitate the process.

Market and Promote Software, Sell Independently

Independent software has one huge advantage over many corporate software releases: flexibility. Big-box development studios need to appeal to the broadest possible audience, which can often translate to bland programs which lack the features niche audiences need. As an independent developer, you’re able to design, create and market programs designed to appeal to specific needs. You may not have the funding of a corporate studio, but you also don’t have the overhead expenses. Appealing to a smaller audience at a lower price point can still translate to big profits for you, all from deciding to attach value to your software, sell it independently and forge your own career path.

What Do I Need to Sell Software?

You don’t have to invest in an expensive, complex website or complicated merchant tools; you can use a free blog site or social media profile and a single eCommerce platform. Services like consolidate everything you need to securely host software, sell it to customers around the world and ensure instant delivery. Payments are processed through full PayPal integration, and you’ll even have access to risk-free, low-cost affiliate marketing programs built directly into the service. So many of the management tasks related to online retail are managed through a high-quality eCommerce platform that it almost feels like your business can run itself, leaving you more time to focus on product development and promotion. Get started today, and your very own independent web store could make its first sale in a matter of hours.

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