Do I Need a Website to Sell My Books?

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You’ve made the decision. “I’m ready to sell my books, and I want to self-publish.” Now what, though? Navigating the seemingly endless array of options can be a challenge, to say the least. One thing most new authors believe, for instance, is that they absolutely must invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a professional website, complete with all the newest bells and whistles. The truth is, investing so heavily in a single aspect of your business may not be financially feasible. Even if you do have the funding at your disposal to swing a big investment, it’s not likely to be the best choice in the early stages of your business. The more you spend to launch, the more you’ll have to sell in order to simply break even. Reaching profitability becomes a longer and more arduous process when you invest heavily, which is why it’s wise to consider systems which allow you to slash both startup and running costs.

How Do I Sell My Books on a Budget?
Now you know that it’s important to keep costs low, no matter the size of your investment budget. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “how do I sell my books without spending a fortune?” The answer to that question is surprisingly simple: a high-quality eCommerce platform. A service like gives you access to all the convenience of managed sales, with all the freedom of true independence. You’re able to invest a bit of time into building an inexpensive, simple template site by yourself with fool-proof tools, or even turning a free blog site into a sales portal. If you can copy and paste HTML code, you can build you own website with some of the best eCommerce tools in the world built in to your system.

Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are hosted securely, and automatically delivered to your customers immediately upon completing a transaction. When you choose a high-quality system, you’ll even have access to marketing tools which help you sell books more successfully. Best of all, you immediately eliminate the cost and headache of commissioning a complex website custom-built by a highly paid professional.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Help Me Sell My Books?

Built into the strongest eCommerce platforms are an invaluable tool called an “affiliate network.” This network connects you with marketers around the world who will do the legwork of promoting your brand and your books far beyond your own organic reach. You’re able to get the attention of potential buyers across the globe, exponentially increasing both your audience and your sales potential. Best of all, you only pay for this marketing when it results in a sale, because your affiliates essentially work on commission.

Get started today. Tell the world, “I sell my books with confidence.” Start you very own web store, no publisher and no mass eBook marketplace required.

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