Do I Need a Publisher to Sell My Book?

How To Sell Books

Writing requires a lot of talent and hard work in itself, then comes the daunting task of getting your manuscript published. Rather than competing with every other hopeful author targeting your agents or publishers of choice, why not take the plunge on your own? With the global connection and audience reach of the Internet, it’s easy to take control of your future. Instead of spending valuable time and money trying to secure a literary agent and publishing house, why not say, “I’m going to sell my book myself!” Keep more of the profits, retain full rights and creative control while still earning money as an author. With the right tools and services, you’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to get your work out there on your own.

What Do I Need to Sell My Book?
The first step to becoming your own publisher is finding a strong eCommerce platform solution. This will allow you to not only streamline the process of buying and selling, but also give you access to valuable marketing tools. With a service like, most of the work is done for you. Great eCommerce platforms provide secure file hosting solutions, instant content delivery and transaction management through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet.

Once you’ve formatted your manuscript into eBook formats compatible with the most popular eReader devices, you’re ready to get started. Connect with your chosen eCommerce platform service, and start researching your marketing options. Take advantage of any affiliate marketing programs connected with your service provider, as these programs can help to dramatically increase your sales from the outset. Also, don’t neglect the importance of social networking. Start author profiles, and put your personal pages to work to build awareness. A simple status update like, “I’m ready to sell my book,” can pique the curiosity of your social connections. With the right eCommerce solution, your profile pages become powerful sales hubs. All you need to do is cut and paste a marketplace URL into your updates and profile information; your new customers and eCommerce platform will do the rest of the work for you.

Don’t let the question of how to start selling keep you from making your mark in the publishing world. Secure your own future and retain full control over your work by starting a new adventure in self-publishing today.

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