Distribution Options for Digital Goods

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You have a great product and are ready to put it on the market, but finding the right distribution channels can present a challenge. There is a wide array of distribution options for digital goods, but finding the right one for you will require a bit of consideration and research. To select the right distribution options for your new digital product, it’s important you understand the features you should be looking for in a distribution plan.

Selling Digital Goods: Timing is Key

When customers purchase physical goods, they know they’ll have to wait for those products to be shipped to their location. With digital goods and downloadable products, however, they’re accustomed to instant access upon payment. For sellers of digital goods, this means you’ll need to research distribution options which offer immediate delivery.

Online Sales: Distribution Options

From online auctions to personal websites, there’s no shortage of distribution options to be found for digital goods on the Internet. These are some of the most popular options, and things you should consider before making a final decision.

  • Online Auction Sites – These Internet clearinghouses are a great place to find collectibles, electronics and just about anything else you can imagine. Most will have built-in support for major payment options like PayPal or Google Wallet, but almost never offer instant access to download links for digital goods. This means you’ll need to have a plan in place which ensures your customers will have timely access to the products they’ve just purchased.
  • Personal Websites – A personal website with a memorable URL is a strong marketing tool, and when it’s executed properly, can serve as a central hub of operations. Your blog, upcoming promotions and news updates can all be part of one site. To sell through a personal website, however, you’ll need to procure and set up online shopping cart software, arrange for payment processing tools and make sure your digital goods are being delivered as soon as possible after purchase.
  • Content Delivery Services – Selecting a content delivery service like PayLoadz.com allows you to manage all of your distribution options through one channel. These services offer instant access to digital goods upon purchase, accept major payment methods and have built-in marketing options to help spread the word about your products. They can even be integrated into a personal website sales page, which allows your customers to purchase digital goods from your website without forcing you to manage the distribution and payment processing aspects of your online business.

Finding the right distribution options for digital goods is often a matter of personal preference, so it’s important to decide which features are important to you. How do you want to operate your business, and what sort of experience do you want your customers to have when they purchase your products? When you know what you’re looking for in terms of distribution options, the decision is much more easily made.


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