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Have you been searching for the best way to release your newest novel? If you’re like most authors, you want to retain full creative control over your projects. You also want to keep the lion’s share of your earnings, rather than accepting a fraction of the profits from a traditional publisher. If you’ve ever thought it would be best to write your books, publish them yourself and sell them online, you may be on to something. In fact, for many authors, self-publishing online is the most lucrative and rewarding option available. Unfortunately, for every successful self-published author selling in eBook format, there are dozens who chose not to pursue this valuable opportunity simply because they were influenced by some common misconceptions about online sales. Before you make a contractually binding decision with the potential to impact your entire career, take the time to learn how you can stay in the driver’s seat.

What You Need to Sell Books, Publish Independently and Establish Your Brand

Do you think of your name as a brand? For most people, the answer to this question is “no.” For authors, however, this is exactly the case. The most successful authors in the world sell a staggering number of copies simply because customers recognize and trust their name brand on the cover.

Authors who are just starting out, there’s more to success than just selling books. Publish your works independently, and you’re able to control how your brand is marketed. You’re able to keep the vast majority of your sales’ proceeds, but you’re also able to manage the manner in which your books are sold. When it comes to selling any digital goods online, your brand and reputation is invaluable. You need more than a reputation for great books; you also need to be known for providing exceptional customer service. Though this can sound like a daunting task indeed, it’s relatively easy to meet your customers’ expectations when you set up your web store using the right tools and services as the backbone of your business plan.

Ensuring Automatic Customer Satisfaction

The last thing any digital merchant wants is to be on the receiving end of poor reviews as a result of factors beyond their control. Your exceptional eBook should never suffer because of poor sales decisions, so it’s important to look for systems capable of providing great customer service experiences to your buyers.

Opting for a respected and reliable eCommerce platform makes it easy to ensure your buyers’ satisfaction with the shopping process. Services like PayLoadz.com are designed to support content creators with a variety of vital tools. Full integration with payment processing giants like PayPal and Google Wallet means your customers are able to pay with confidence. Take advantage of secure file hosting to protect your books. Publish and distribute with ease, thanks to the automated content delivery system which gives your buyers instant access to the files they’ve purchased. A host of valuable seller and marketing tools make it easy to manage your brand while expanding your reach. Don’t settle for a lackluster contract through a traditional publisher. Protect yourself, and the future of your business by making a high-quality eCommerce platform the base of operations.

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