Dispelling Myths: What You Do and Don’t Need to Sell Digital Goods

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If you’re thinking of a career in online sales, you know just how many products and services claim to be essential to your success. With limited experience, it’s not always easy for new merchants to differentiate between the things they absolutely need in order to successfully sell digital goods, and those which may just be an additional expense with limited return.

Selling Digital Goods: The Non-Essentials

A professionally built website with all the bells and whistles, including shopping cart and transaction processing systems, can cost thousands of dollars to build. Once the project is complete, you’ll also need to be prepared to invest plenty of time and energy into regular maintenance. Systems will need to be upgraded or replaced as newer versions are released, and such a substantial up-front expenditure can extend the difficult period before your business actually reaches profitability. Most importantly, these expensive and difficult-to-manage features aren’t integral to your success.

The majority of expenses associated with such an intricate website build will be related to the functionality of transaction systems, and you can eliminate the need for them altogether with the right tools and services. Integrated ecommerce platform services, like PayLoadz.com, allow you to use simple, cut-and-paste HTML linking to turn your sales page into a redirect portal; no expensive features or difficult maintenance required.

What You Absolutely Need to Sell Digital Goods

Just as there are some tools which beginners can afford to skip or areas where costs can be reduced, there are also some non-negotiable features when you’re planning to sell digital goods. In order to succeed, you will need:

  • access to secure file hosting
  • automated content delivery
  • safe payment processing capability

Today’s online buyer is accustomed to paying for their digital goods through systems they trust, like PayPal or Google Wallet. They also expect to gain access to their files immediately upon completing a transaction, which means your customer service ratings can easily suffer, should you choose to rely upon manual order processing and sales alerts monitoring.

You don’t have to work with several separate services in order to obtain access to these crucial tools. A single high-quality ecommerce platform service combines all of these tools, along with valuable marketing systems, for one price. Before you start investing in your online business, make sure you take the time to figure out which tools you can’t afford to skip, and which ones add expense with limited return on investment. You may be shocked at just how far a small up-front investment takes your new venture.


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