Digital Product Hosting

Digital Product Hosting

For musicians, visual artists, authors and a host of other content creators, the ability to generate income from selling digital products they’ve created depends largely on the type of hosting they choose for those items. A variety of digital products hosting services are available to creators, all with different options, drawbacks and advantages. Choosing the system most ideally suited to your needs requires a bit of research but is necessary for establishing a customer base and for making money from the sale of digital products you’ve created.

Things to Consider When Comparing Products Hosting Options

Before you make your content available for purchase, decide where to host your files, how to deliver them to your customers once they’ve made a purchase and how to market them properly. Consider several aspects before making a decision.

  • Bandwidth Limits – Should you opt to host your digital files through your own personal website, there’s a possibility of exceeding your bandwidth usage if your work becomes popular. Depending on the size of your digital files, your bandwidth usage limits and the popularity of your work, you could miss valuable traffic and potential sales if a surge in interest depletes the bandwidth you have available.
  • Piracy Prevention – Some file hosting services available make it easy for tech-savvy users bent on pirating your work to do so. Every illegally shared or pirated file is a sale lost and is something that content creators must be vigilant about. Taking the threat of illegal sharing seriously is imperative for content creators who hope to generate significant revenue streams with their work.
  • Content Delivery – Simply hosting your files isn’t enough; they must also be available for your customers to download quickly and easily after they’ve submitted a payment. Content delivery services, like those offered by, handle both hosting and delivery.
  • Ease of Purchase – Finding a hosting and delivery solution that makes it easy for your customers to make purchases is imperative because users are more likely to abandon nonessential purchases if the process becomes too complicated or inconvenient. Make sure that whatever hosting solution you choose allows your customers to retrieve files they’ve purchased with a minimal amount of effort.
  • Marketability – Products hosting services that have recognizable names increase the marketability of your products because they make customers feel more secure. Some hosting and delivery services even have affiliate marketing programs to help you promote your work, which is a valuable option if you want to generate sales.

Next to the quality of content that you’ve created and your marketing efforts, the most important aspect of your online business is the service you choose for content delivery and digital products hosting. Customers who can’t find your content or access it also can’t purchase it, which will dramatically affect your bottom line.

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