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When selling digital goods, shopping cart access is necessary to secure payment from your customers. You need to have a reliable way for customers to select products and pay for them using credit or debit cards or funds from accounts such as PayPal. You don’t need to be a financial genius to get access to a shopping cart. All you need is a good digital delivery service that can do it for you!

What Is A Digital Delivery Service?

If you’re just getting started selling digital goods, you’ll need a way to receive payment for the products you’re selling. Digital delivery services can do that, plus much more. They take the hassle of dealing with customer transactions out of your hands, leaving you to concentrate on creating and marketing your product. Some features digital delivery services can provide are:

  • Digital delivery—These services securely and safely deliver your digital goods to customers as soon as they purchase them. People can buy your items and get them delivered day or night, from all over the world.
  • Payments—Most digital delivery services are all-inclusive and do both the delivery and payment processes. They provide a shopping cart for your different sites from which you sell your digital goods. They also take the payments and forward them to your account.
  • Storage and sales—Many sites provide storage for your digital goods as well as stores from which to sell them on their sites. Although every service may be different, covers all digital delivery services.

It’s generally quick and easy to sign up for digital delivery services. Many services can start handling your sales the same day. The fees vary, but most are a monthly subscription that you pay along with transaction fees. Digital delivery services are inexpensive when you consider how much time and effort they save you. While you could likely do almost everything digital delivery services do yourself, it takes time and money to get set up, and many people don’t know how to create that kind of program. It makes good business sense to let a reputable service handle digital delivery transactions. That way, you can use your time to grow your inventory and presence online.

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