Digital Downloads: Selling and Marketing Products

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Are you ready to start selling digital downloads? Making sure everything is in place before you launch your new business is one of the best ways you can help it succeed. This means more than just releasing high-quality products; it’s also important to provide exemplary customer service and an ideal buying experience. As a business owner, you also have needs which are as important as those of your buyers. Before you invest time and money into your digital downloads business, it’s wise to explore all your options and to carefully consider both your needs and those of your customers.

Selling Digital Downloads the Smart Way

Too many new online merchants believe they must have a large amount of startup funding to launch their digital downloads businesses. After all, custom websites built by professionals with all the bells and whistles can cost a small fortune. Prepaid advertising and sponsored social media posts aren’t cheap, either. What many don’t realize is that not only is this not necessary; it can also be detrimental to a new business in the long run.

Every dollar you invest in your venture is another dollar you’ll have to earn back before you reach profitability. Heavy investments mean a large number of sales before you ever break even, and can make it difficult for you to turn a profit in a timely manner. You can, and absolutely should, save money where you can in order to invest more strategically. You can use a free blog site, a template website you build yourself for almost no cost, or even a social media profile to get started. Cut-and-paste HTML linking allows you to connect the powerful sales tools of a managed eCommerce solution, like, with your cost-effective sales portal. High-end eCommerce platforms will even include access to valuable marketing tools, like affiliate networks, which help you boost your brand’s signal.

How Do Affiliate Networks Help Me Sell Digital Downloads?

You know you need marketing assistance, but you may not realize that the most effective options can also be the least expensive. Taking advantage of affiliate network access built in to your eCommerce platform connects you with marketing professionals able to spread the word about your brand. You get the exposure and sales traffic, and they collect a small portion of the proceeds from each sale they generate. This means your affiliates only get paid when they make a sale, so they have a strong incentive to work hard for you. Best of all, there’s no need to gamble with your limited startup funding on advertising and paid social media posts, which aren’t guaranteed to work.

Get of to a strong start. Choose a dedicated eCommerce platform to help you not only grow your business, but also run it effectively. From payment processing to file hosting, automated content delivery to marketing tools, managed sales solutions help you stay in control while giving you the freedom to work on new product development and promotion.

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