Digital Downloads: Music Is Big Business

Digital Downloads Music

The Current Music Market for Digital Downloads

If you want to sell digital music, don’t be discouraged by what you might have heard about piracy—that it’s killing the digital music industry. That’s not the real story. The fact is, in 2011, the digital downloads music industry had an 8 percent increase in revenue, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. This increase has continued throughout 2012. How did the industry start making back some of the losses they suffered from piracy? It was simple. Digital platforms, which are innovative and easy to use, helped stop piracy by creating secure sites. This allowed the market to start trending up in profits. The digital download music share will be 55 percent of the total recorded music revenues and will surpass physical disc distribution by 2016, according to a report by Nielsen.

Why Care About the Digital Downloads Industry?

Right now, you might be wondering why it’s important to know the industry trends. What difference does it make if the music industry is making money? Well, if you want to start a business selling digital downloads, you need to choose a growth area, and music is just that. Record labels will make the most profit; however, you can get a little piece of the giant pie, too. The risk in selling digital downloads music is minimal regarding startup funds needed, and you have access to licensed products online through digital platforms.

Getting Started with Digital Downloads Music

To start your digital downloads music business, obtain a platform that offers everything you need: a website, shopping cart and storage server. PayLoadz can offer you this, including a variety of payment systems like PayPal, which accept e-checks, ACH transfers, credit cards and debit cards. The shopping cart is customizable regarding discounts and coupons you might want to offer. You have the option of downloading files onto the platform or accessing thousands of files. PayLoadz creates a system of instant delivery for your clients as soon as they process payment.

Digital Rights Laws and Management

You need to be aware of digital rights laws for the downloads music industry. The music industry protects its files. It uses business personnel, such as you and your own website, to sell its media. So, when you sign an affiliate agreement with a company that holds the rights to the music, you can start selling the files. You need to sell for the price set by the affiliate company for which you are selling. You can also write and record your own music for sale online if you have an interest in this, though you may earn more with mainstream titles for download on your site. As long as you keep the files secured and sell at the producer’s price, you can sell digital downloads music on your website.

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