Digital Downloads, a Low-Investment Startup

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Do you crave the independence of running your own business, but lack the startup funding to make your dream a reality? If you’ve been struggling to finance your small business, it may be time to consider joining the digital revolution. Selling digital downloads in an independent web store can be a very lucrative venture, but the startup costs are surprisingly low when you choose the right tools and services.

What Kind of Digital Downloads Can I Sell?

If you have a particular skill set or a specialized knowledge base, turning them into digital products is easier than you might think. You can sell anything from instructional videos to fiction eBooks, craft patterns to software programs. If it can be packaged and transmitted digitally, there’s a market for your product.

Because you’ll have access to a potentially global audience, you’re able to even focus on niche products you’d struggle to sell in substantial quantities on a more localized basis. The sky really is the limit, but it’s vital to keep costs low. The more you invest in your business before launch, the more units you’ll have to sell before you reach profitability. Fortunately, minimizing costs can be easy and efficient when you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform. Services like streamline all the tools and systems you need for sales success, all under a single virtual umbrella at one low cost.

How do eCommerce Platforms Help Me Sell Digital Downloads

There are a few non-negotiable tools you’ll need in order to successfully sell digital goods online. Since you can’t earn a profit if you can’t get paid, you’ll need a payment processing system in place. Both you and your customers must be protected from fraud at all costs, which is why verified systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are so widely used. These can be seamlessly integrated into a high-quality eCommerce platform, which also gives you access to secure file hosting, automated download delivery and even low-cost, zero-risk marketing systems.

Affiliate networks are built directly into better eCommerce platform services. These networks connect you directly with marketing partners who only get paid when they close a sale, essentially working on commission. This means you only pay for marketing when it works, no need for prepaid gambles.

You’ll even be able to eliminate the costly professional website, because a strong eCommerce service helps you turn anything from a free blog site or inexpensive template site to a social networking profile into a sales portal. Get started today, and find out why more entrepreneurs are choosing digital downloads for their new business ventures.

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