Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

If you’re ready to start selling downloads, you probably need a digital delivery shopping cart and online storage. There are a few ways to go about storing your downloads online, delivering, and taking orders and payment through a shopping cart. If you’re tech savvy and have time, you can set up the programs yourself. If not, use a digital delivery service that can do it for you.

Making sure your digital files are safe and secure is important to your business. Only legitimate buyers should have to access them. Most digital delivery download services offer some kind of storage for your files. Make sure the storage is unlimited in space and that the platform is secure, like Amazon S3, for example.

Digital Delivery
Many people who sell digital files online use an online digital delivery service because it is quick, easy and takes care of consumer end issues. You can buy software, however, that allows you to safely do the delivery yourself or, if you are good, you can write your own program. Online digital delivery services are inexpensive and usually do more than just deliver your product safely, securely and quickly. Some, like, also include storage, payment, a launch point and marketing with the delivery service.

Shopping Cart and Payment
You need a shopping cart that supports digital download, and you need a payment system. The shopping cart platform should be easy for the consumer and be integrated with your payment and digital download system. If you have many different storefronts, it’s easier to have one source for your shopping cart, payment and delivery.  If you have many products available, make sure your shopping cart has upsell options to highlight other products you have for sale.

Selling downloads online has become easy with all the online digital delivery services. People who know little about computers and programming can still have a successful digital product business by using these companies to do all the technical work for them. Compared to a brick-and-mortar business, paying just a small monthly membership fee and a small transaction fee for sales is reasonable. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you have all avenues of your digital delivery shopping cart, storage and payment covered.

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