Digital Delivery Security for Your Business

Digital Delivery Security

Selling digital goods online means the files are on a server. When people go through the purchase process, they’re given a link to download. This link is often sent to their email in case an instant download goes wrong. But how can you ensure digital security on these goods? What will it take to make certain only the person buying the digital product can access it? What is digital delivery security all about? The following can help answer these questions.

Ways to Ensure Digital Delivery Security

The digital files you wish to sell should be protected using encryption when you set up a digital goods website.

You show the products available for sale, such as eBooks, music files or movies. What’s available to potential buyers is maybe a small sample of the file and maybe an image of the product. Before anyone can access the digital file, it would be necessary to go through a purchase process, which is protected through digital security measures.

A person needs to create a login or a guest login that is used one time to complete the purchase process. The login tells the system who’s purchasing. It then ensures that once the purchase has been completed, this person should receive an email link to a secure on-site page for the download. Even if an unauthorized person gets access to the download link by hacking the email account, your digital good is secure because the link you send requests login information to download the file.

Digital Delivery of Goods

There are two ways to deliver goods: shipping and receiving online. Digital goods can be shipped in a DVD or CD format. But for faster digital delivery, receive your goods online. You now know about logging into a secure area for digital delivery security, now learn how digital delivery can occur online. You can sit at a computer and wait for the order to come in. But this process is too time-consuming to be efficient. A seller would need to send an email confirmation and then manually allow access to the digital download link. Your consumers probably don’t want to wait that long. The automated process works better for digital delivery. It’s secure because of the security at the purchase stage. Depending on the type of website and shopping cart platform you have, you might need to choose a digital delivery company. With PayLoadz, you get a shopping cart service and secure digital delivery in one integrated service.

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