Digital Artists: Sell Clipart Online for Profit

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You’re a digital artist with all the right skills, but haven’t found a way of earning money from your efforts. While your more creative and innovative works may earn a higher profit, sales can be less steady than they would be if you also offered a more universally-used product. This is where you can turn your creative energy into a relatively quick and easy profit: sell clipart online.

Why Should I Sell Clipart Online?

The more intricate, cerebral digital art project may elicit great response from viewers, but can’t always be used in a practical manner. Collectors may pay a higher price for your projects, but in order to make a more reliable income, you may need to supplement your efforts with products with more widespread appeal. Clipart is used in a variety of applications, from web design to blog posts and even print applications. Newsletters, emails and many other varieties of written correspondence use simpler graphics to grab readers’ attention, and clipart is one of the most popular choices.

For accomplished digital artists, creating the products they need in order to sell clipart online can be much less time consuming, and lead to a much larger profit. If you have the ability to create clipart and are interested in making money online, choosing the right sales method and creating a strong marketing plan can help you achieve those goals.

How Do I Start Selling Clipart?

As with any digital product, the key to marketing when you want to sell clipart online requires you to identify your target audience. Who is most likely to benefit from access to your product? You can expand your audience dramatically by offering large sets of clipart with a variety of applications, but you’ll still be marketing towards web designers, bloggers, digital scrapbookers and other creators of digital content. By identifying the audience most likely to by your product, you can start drafting a promotional plan which is specifically directed toward gaining their attention and enticing them to buy.

Next to marketing and high content quality, the most important decision any purveyor of digital goods can make is their hosting and payment processing choices. While some sellers may opt to host their products on their own website and process payments manually, this can create a delay for customers who make a purchase when you’re not available for immediate fulfillment. This is where comprehensive ecommerce solutions like can be so important. A reputable content delivery service hosts your products, then makes them available to download after a customer makes a purchase. That purchase will be processed through trusted sources like PayPal and Google Wallet, which can inspire a greater level of confidence in buyers.

The most advanced systems offer simple integration with your personal website, blog, social media sites and other sales outlets through HTML codes which automatically redirect traffic to your sales page. All of your online sales, regardless of where they originate, can be filtered through the platform for more reliable order fulfillment, payment processing and customer tracking.

Turn your artistic talents into a paycheck by creating the content you need to sell clipart online. You’ll be able to fund your more ambitious projects while generating more frequent sales, making more money and increasing your brand visibility.


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