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Implement PayPal downloads various ways

PayPal is, without a doubt, one of the largest and most popular ways for people to make payments on the Internet. Almost every online shopper has a PayPal account and uses it to buy digital downloads and physical products. Any online entrepreneur who wants to set up an e-commerce website needs to process payments made through PayPal to be successful. If you have researched the online markets for digital downloads, you know about PayPal downloads and are probably wondering how to implement them on your e-commerce website. There are three digital downloads PayPal solutions for your e-commerce website:

The Simple Solution

The simplest and one of the oldest methods of implementing PayPal downloads for digital products is to set up a web page that becomes accessible to the buyer as soon as he completes the PayPal payment toward the digital downloads he chose. This simple method of offering PayPal downloads, however, comes with serious flaws—flaws regarding the accessibility of the download page. A buyer who has paid for the digital downloads can simply forward the hyperlink to other people who have not made the purchase. Your future sales would suffer from this free sharing.

Installing the Auto Responder

The auto responder, a good solution to implement PayPal downloads, is a software program that sends an automated email as soon as you receive confirmation for the payment. The email sent by the auto responder contains the digital downloads as attachments or includes a download link. The problem with this method is the email can be easily forwarded, allowing the digital downloads to be freely shared.

Secure Digital Downloads PayPal Solutions

You can protect your business and digital downloads by putting in place secure digital product storage and delivery systems like PayLoadz. The digital products delivery system is secure, and it prevents free sharing and distribution of your digital products by using specially generated web pages in conjunction with specifically created serial numbers or registration keys.

If you put in place a high-quality digital products delivery system, each buyer on your website is given a special web page with a serial number that he can use to implement PayPal downloads. The buyer could not share these digital product download pages because they would expire after a certain amount of time.

Alternative Digital Downloads PayPal Solutions

Finding flawless digital product delivery systems is easy. Visit any of the many digital products marketplaces on the Internet such as PayLoadz. Such digital products marketplaces give you foolproof digital product storage and delivery systems and give you access to their marketplaces where you can sell your products.

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