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Software Sell

Software developers are in a tough industry. The development process along is long and arduous, and then you have to figure out a way to bring the product to sale. The traditional software market is a hard nut to crack, which is why more developers are looking to online or eCommerce stores to sell their software. Your software will sell, provided that you are offering something that customers will find useful or valuable. Where you sell your software, however, will make the difference between a successful product and a wasted effort.

Which Kind of Software Sells?

Games, apps and software that fulfils a specific need will sell the best. Keep in mind that there is a lot of software out there that is free, so make sure that you are bringing something unique and valuable to the table. Develop software that you would be prepared to pay for and, to ensure you maximize your sales, don’t overprice your software for your niche. A customer will settle for an inferior product, if they feel that your software is not worth the price tag. On the flip side, customers will happily pay for software that solves a problem or is worth the cost. So it is up to you to tell your customers how your software will improve their lives.

Where can I Sell Software?

You can sell software on any site that supports the download of multiple file formats. has an entire category dedicated to the sale of downloadable software. With PayLoadz, you can easily position your software in a way that it will reach your target market. You won’t need to worry about handling transactions or downloads, as those functions are handled by the site. If you plan on selling your software on your own site or social media, you can still use PayLoadz. All your transactions and downloads are handled via your PayLoadz account, using a fully automated process. Your software is also protected from download and transaction abuse, giving you the confidence that both you and your customers are protected during the sales process.

How do I Promote my Software?

You can take advantage of many of the features available from your eCommerce store. For instance, PayLoadz provides a number of filters and categorizations, which customers use to refine their search. By exploiting these features, you can position your software according to price and category, so that you reach the right customers for your product. Competitions, where you offer discounts or free samples, are a great way to generate customer interest. You can run these promotions on your own site or on social media. Writing blogs on your own site, or guest blogging on sites in your niche, are also great ways to introduce and sell your software to your market. However, all keep in mind that you should only promote in forums that are relevant to your product, otherwise you will waste a lot of time and see little to no return for your efforts.

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