Designing Software? Sell in Your Own Web Store

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You’ve got the skills and the drive, but do you know how to make money off your software? Sell in your own web store, and you’re developing the potential for long-term success. Getting your very own digital storefront up and running can seem daunting at first blush, especially if you have limited access to startup capital. This is why it’s so important to explore all your options, and to work with service providers whose tools and systems are designed with the independent content creator in mind. When you choose your partnerships carefully, you’re able to launch a software brand on even the tiniest budget, with minimal overhead and zero stress.

Design Software, Sell Independently and Keep Your Earnings

Your service partnerships are of vital importance. Choose the wrong management systems, and you may collect only a fraction of your earnings on software. Sell as an independent designer and small business proprietor, and you have the freedom and control you need to manage your own career trajectory. There are dedicated systems out there which allow you to combine the convenience of managed sales with the freedom of sheer independence, and they make it easy to start your own online business.

Streamlined eCommerce platform services like put everything you need at your fingertips when you’re ready to start marketing and moving your software. Sell products through a web portal you’ve created with a free blog site or inexpensive template site; no need for an expensive, custom website with all the bells and whistles. Process payments through seamlessly integrated systems your customers already know and trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Rely upon secure file hosting and automated content delivery, so you never have to worry about manually sharing download links or monitoring sales alerts around the clock. Your system for selling and managing your products is completely automated, giving you time to grow your business with promotion and new product offerings. Choose the right system, and you’ll even have access to the zero-risk, high-value marketing provided through built-in affiliate networks.

Market Your Software, Sell More Product

You may have a knack for designing game-changing programs, but you can’t sell your software to an audience who doesn’t know it’s available. When it comes to success, few factors carry as much weight as your marketing system. Investing in prepaid advertising may not be financially feasible if you’re on a small budget, and there are never any guarantees with banner ads and sponsored social media posts. You may be able to pay for a few adds, promote your software, sell it at a steady rate and enjoy success. You may also spend money you can’t afford on advertising your customers ignore, as they keep scrolling through their newsfeed.

Working with affiliates allows you to essentially outsource your marketing to professionals who work on a small commission basis. They only get paid when a sale is generated through their specialized link, and you only pay for marketing when it works. No risk, no gambling and no lost investment funding. Get started today, and make a name for yourself in the world of software sales.

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