Design Software? Sell it Online

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You work hard to design and perfect each program you design, so why are you still giving away your software. Sell it in your very own web store, and you could be earning real money while maintaining a rewarding and fulfilling business. Getting started is easier and cheaper than you think; there’s no need to dedicate every waking hour after investing a small fortune. In fact, you could be up and running in a matter of hours, even on the tiniest of budgets. The trick is choosing a sales system that’s designed to help online merchants thrive. Don’t try to cobble together a cohesive business plan with dozens of separate services; choose a proven all-in-one solution.

Host, Deliver and Market Software, Sell More Product

Many merchants new to online sales opt for an expensive website built by a highly-paid professional in order to host their software, sell it online and keep their businesses running. This method requires not only a large startup investment in the website alone, but also a substantial amount of work to keep things running efficiently. Fortunately, there are dedicated eCommerce platform services which help you to maintain every aspect of your business with minimal investment and very low time requirements. Services like make it easy to automate every aspect of your business, all without investing heavily.

If you have the ability to cut and paste simple HTML code, you can turn a free blog site or a cheap and easy template site into a sales portal. A strong eCommerce platform will seamlessly integrate trusted payment processing services like PayPal and Google Wallet, while also providing secure file hosting and automated content delivery. Choose a high-quality system, and you’ll even have access to marketing tools which take all the risk out of promoting your business.

Use Affiliate Marketing for Your Software, Sell it More Successfully

A sales website is only one area where new merchants tend to over-invest in their businesses. Prepaid marketing through banner ads and sponsored social media posts can be just as expensive, and their results are never guaranteed. Instead of gambling with your small budget, take advantage of affiliate marketing tools built directly into the best eCommerce platforms. You’ll be connected with marketing professionals who only get paid when they promote your software, sell it to customers and increase your visibility. Essentially working on commission, these affiliates take all the risk out of getting the word out about your brand.

Get started today, and find out just how easy it can be to earn money for your hard work. With the right systems in place and the right tools to get the job done, you could become the next big thing in independent online sales.

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